dop Lametia

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An extra virgin olive oil dedicated to the roots of our Calabrian land, recalling the typical Mediterranean aromas. A mosaic of herbs and citrus fruits accompanied by sensations of chilli pepper and artichokes characterise the unique and intense flavour of the Dop Lametia.


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Sensory profile

Oro Don Vincenzo dop Lametia reveals clear olfactory evidence of fruity olives picked when still green and enhances the typical features of the Protected Designation of Origin “Lametia”. Its bouquet discloses a scent of freshly mown grass, citrus and tomatoes, overpowering the rich fruity aroma of apple and aromatic herbs. Its pungent but well-balanced taste mingles sensations of green pepper with a persistent taste of chicory and artichokes. A rich aftertaste of dried fruit (fresh walnut and pine nuts), combined with its high fluidity, make Oro Don Vincenzo an extra virgin olive oil that fully deserves its Protected Designation of Origin “Lametia”.


Food pairings

Strong flavoured cooked vegetables, braised meats, grilled beef, cod fish, seabass and legume soups.


Production area

Tenuta Angillito, Giardino Renda



Mono varietal Carolea


Harvest period



Chemical analysis

Acidity – 0.16 %

Peroxide – 5 meq O2/Kg

Polyphenols – 350 mg/Kg



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