Bio Organic

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Purest expression of undisturbed nature the bio Organic is an extra virgin olive oil that returns to the palate the hidden gifts of our land. The fresh fruity aroma with notes full of almond, artichoke and chicory helps to rediscover the essence of lost and distant flavors.


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Sensory profile

The harmonious olfactory impact of the bio Organic presents complex perceptions of fruity olives picked almost all green, followed by evident impressions of fruit (apple), olive leaf and wild herbs. The high fluidity of the bio Organic enhances its fruity aroma. Its well balanced, pungent and bitter taste, reveals a fresh flavour of sweet almonds, chicory and artichokes. This extra virgin olive oil ends with a pungent aftertaste of green and black pepper.


Food pairings

Fried and stewed sea fish, grilled beef, typical Calabrese legume soups, poultry.


Production area

Tenuta Mendicino



Mono varietal Carolea


Harvest period



Chemical analysis

Acidity – 0.18 %

Peroxide – 2 meq O2/Kg

Polyphenols – 685 mg/Kg



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