Fennel, radicchio and walnuts salad | Fresh purification

Insalata finocchio radicchio noci

Fennel, radicchio and walnuts salad | Fresh purification

It’s time for a very healthy salad, and I have chosen supernatural ingredients like fennel, radicchio and walnuts to mix with our extra virgin olive oil.


The delicate taste of the fennel matches perfectly with the well balanced bitterness and pepperines of the oil and together they elevate the flavour of the radicchio. The walnuts (like extra virgin olive oil, very rich in antioxidants) just add a touch of hearty taste that makes this salad very special.


You can also add oranges or pecorino cheese to make a rich salad.


Salad | Recommended with bio Organic or dop Lametia | Difficulty – Very easy | Time 5 mins



  • Fennel
  • Radicchio
  • Walnuts
  • Extra virgin olive oil (obviously)
  • Black pepper
  • Salt



  • Too easy to explain!! Just chop up everything and finish with olive oil and black pepper.


Hope you enjoy your fennel and radicchio salad…