The Oro Don Vincenzo experience at LUISS Business School

It was an honour to be among the guest speakers at the Master in Digital Export (MaDE) organized by LUISS Business School and ITA - ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY, in Villa Blanc in Rome.   We presented the Oro Don Vincenzo experience on the use of social media and their influence in the marketing process of a premium quality extra virgin olive oil.   Our consistent pursuit of excellence in the olive oil world and our effort in the communication in the digital space were particularly appreciated and stimulated interesting discussions among the future “Digital Export Managers” in the eclectic Villa Blanc.   The Oro Don Vincenzo case study, focussed on a boutique family business, anticipated the second case study, that was presented by Laura Corallo, Head of Marketing and Operations at Eataly Net.   It was very interesting...

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Flos Olei 2018 Oro Don Vincenzo DOP LAMETIA

Flos Olei 2018 selects Oro Don Vincenzo

Oro Don Vincenzo, with its DOP Lametia, has been selected for the prestigious Flos Olei 2018 - a guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil.   Flos Olei, which in Latin means “best oil”, is the first guide dealing on an international scale with oil farms from all over the world and extra virgin olive oils, strictly selected by a panel of expert tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia, editor and publisher of the volume, together with Laura Marinelli.   It's not the first time Oro Don Vincenzo wins the Flos Olei challenge but every year the thrill of being included among the best, by one of the most important teams of olive oil experts, is overwhelming.   The farms that make it into Flos Olei have a payoff of worldwide recognition for their superb...

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Great Taste Awards 2017 Oro Don Vincenzo

The Bio Organic wins a gold star at Great Taste Awards 2017

We are very excited to announce that Oro Don Vincenzo - Bio Organic has been awarded a gold star at the prestigious Great Taste Awards – 2017, organised by the Guild of Fine Food.   "Great Taste is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink in UK. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. Quite simply the Great Taste logo is the sign you can trust when buying food and drink in your local, quality retailer".   The comment of the judges has been very rewarding: “A lovely colour, and an intriguing smoky nuttiness on the nose. The texture is smooth and buttery, and there is a prominent peppery finish, with some bitterness, but not overwhelming. A good oil, with decent...

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bruschetta burrata chef oro don vincenzo

Cooking for a chef | Keep it simple

Have you ever had to cook for a chef, a real one? It happened to me a few days ago and I seriously started to panic at the thought as my friend is really top-notch in the kitchen.   Desperately, a few days in advance, I started consulting cookbooks and practising few recipes (a disaster considering the mounting pressure…).   In the end I decided to keep it simple and go for my favourites.   The first “must have” on an Italian table is my beloved bruschetta. The traditional one consists in a slice of grilled bread, rubbed with a clove of garlic and drizzled with olive oil. As I was cooking for a special occasion I wanted to make a little bit more sophisticated. My bruschetta was made with grilled bread, a slice of Parma...

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Artichokes prawns pasta

Artichokes and Prawns Pasta | Deliciously Simple

Artichokes and prawns pasta (conchiglioni are recommended) is a quick and original recipe. I love to use artichokes after the Christmas holidays as they are ideal for detoxifying the body, expecially when served with extra virgin olive oil. Artichokes, widely popular in the South of Italy, are in fact low in saturated fat and cholesterol, while being a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.   It's a delicious recipe, very simple to prepare and with a sophisticated taste.   Pasta | Recommended with dop Lametia | Difficulty – Easy | Time 45 mins | Serve 4   Ingredients 500g of artichokes hearts 250g of ricotta cheese 200g of peas 2 anchovies 50g of cherry tomatoes (pachino) 200g of prawns black pepper 2 leaves of mint 1 shallot 100ml of extra virgin olive oil (dop Lametia) 500g of pasta (conchiglioni)   Preparation Clean the artichokes and...

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Torta di arance e cannella

Cinnamon & orange cake | Sweet dreams

A delicious cake with cinnamon and orange will definitely make a winter afternoon sweeter with a cup of tea. The good news is that using olive oil in baking is a lighter and healthier alternative to butter, while creating a lovely texture to your desserts.   This cake is perfect on its own or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.   Dessert | Recommended with il classico | Difficulty – Easy | Time 60 mins   Ingredients 1 tsp of cinnamon 1 lemon and 2 oranges 250g plain white flour 3 eggs 220g of sugar 100ml of extra virgin olive oil (il Classico) 100ml of water 1 sachet of yeast   Preparation Grate the lemon zest and orange zest and put aside Beat together with an electric mixer the eggs and the sugar, until the mixture is light and fluffy;...

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Insalata finocchio radicchio noci

Fennel, radicchio and walnuts salad | Fresh purification

It’s time for a very healthy salad, and I have chosen supernatural ingredients like fennel, radicchio and walnuts to mix with our extra virgin olive oil.   The delicate taste of the fennel matches perfectly with the well balanced bitterness and pepperines of the oil and together they elevate the flavour of the radicchio. The walnuts (like extra virgin olive oil, very rich in antioxidants) just add a touch of hearty taste that makes this salad very special.   You can also add oranges or pecorino cheese to make a rich salad.   Salad | Recommended with bio Organic or dop Lametia | Difficulty - Very easy | Time 5 mins   Ingredients Fennel Radicchio Walnuts Extra virgin olive oil (obviously) Black pepper Salt   Preparation Too easy to explain!! Just chop up everything and finish with olive oil and...

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gallette olio extra vergine

Rice cakes & extra virgin olive oil | Light delights

Rice cakes are a perfect ingredient for delicious appetizers or light snacks.  At Oro Don Vincenzo we use and combine them with our extra virgin olive oil and other tasty and healthy ingredients to make what we call “Light Delights”. In this post we are introducing three recipes that are extremely easy to prepare and offer an extraordinary fresh flavour that will surely please your palate. You can also use your creativity and try as many colors as possible with your favourite vegetables and ingredients.   We think that rice cakes appetizers can be considered the modern brother of the more traditional bruschetta. Using rice cakes for appetizers can have many advantages: They are extremely easy to prepare and you can better concentrate on the preparation of the main course; They are very light yet tasty, leaving the right...

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cavolo vellutata cannellini rosmarino

Kale cream with cannellini beans and rosemary | Green goodness

What shall I prepare after my evening gym workout? We present a colourful detox kale recipe with a tasteful explosion of flavours, and, ops… it’s very light.   Soup | Recommended with bio Organic | Difficulty – Easy | Time 20 mins   Ingredients Extra virgin olive oil (obviously) 160g of kale 500g of cannellini beans (tinned) 1 big potato 1 white onion 1/2 lime Black pepper Rosemary Grated Roman pecorino cheese or Parmigiano Salt to taste   Process Put the kale, the potato and the onion in a pan with water and cook them until they soften Drain the cannellini, place them in a pan with ½ glass of water and rosemary and cook for 3 minutes Blend the kale, the potato and the onion, adding ½ glass of the water used to cook them, the lime juice...

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detox linguine fave menta

Broad beans and mint linguine

Who said that tasty and healthy food like broad beans don't go together? If you are in a detox mood or you make of good natural food a way of living, this is the ideal dish.   Pasta | Recommended with bio Organic | Difficulty – Easy | Time 25 mins   Ingredients Extra virgin olive oil (obviously) 500g of broad beans 1 big potato 1 white onion 3 zucchini 350g of linguine pasta 50g of mint 1 lime Black pepper Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese Salt to taste   Process Wash, dry and chop up the zucchini, the potato and the onion Place them in a pan with the broad beans, cover with water, salt and cook until they soften Blend the mint with half a glass of bio Organic extra virgin, lime juice, black pepper and a pinch of...

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