May 2015

paddlefish oli oil

Paddlefish with black olives

In this case an excellent olive oil does the trick given the extremely delicate flavour of the paddlefish. A typical fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea its great in the summer with chilled mild fruity white wine.   Fish | Recommended with bio Organic | Difficulty - Easy | Time 15 mins   Ingredients   500gr paddlefish 2 table spoons tomato sauce Extra virgin olive oil a little white wine Half a cup black olives 4 dry tomatoes 2 garlic cloves A little fresh fennel   Process   Put the dry tomatoes to soak in warm water for 30 minutes Heat the 2 garlic cloves in the olive oil Add the paddlefish and let It simmer for a few minutes Pour a quarter glass of white wine over the fish and put the gas higher to let the alcohol evaporate Turn the gas down again and...

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