What we do

We produce three varieties of award winning extra virgin olive oil: the evergreen il Classico, the delightful dop Lametia and the new eco-friendly bio Organic. In our bespoke laboratory we can also personalise your bottle with your favourite bespoke label.

How we do it

We take extraordinary care in all the phases of production to obtain an award winning extra virgin olive oil.
“Respect for nature”

We use low impact and strict agricultural technics, in compliance with EC regulation on the integrated farming system.


Highly experienced agronomists support our team making sure the olive trees and their fruits are always as healthy as possible.

“Early stage of ripening”

A critical time as far as quality is concerned; this is why our olives are picked at the early stage of ripening ensuring a strong presence of phenolic and aromatic substances, which gives most of the quality and flavors to the extra virgin olive oil.


We pick the olives from the beginning of October to the middle of November.

“Within 6 hrs from harvest”

The oil is cold extracted and the olive are processed within 6 hours from harvesting to avoid fermentation.


The mill, located within 5 minutes drive from the olive groves, combines modern extraction technology without addition of water, resulting in a more eco-friendly and top quality extra virgin olive oil.

Storage & Bottling
“Preserving the flavor”

Once extracted the extra virgin olive oil is stored in perfectly clean stainless steel tank and protected with inert nitrogen to block oxidation.


We store our tanks in our warehouse with temperature under control. We bottle only the extra virgin olive oil that we produce.


Our story dates back to the beginning of the last century, when our family patriarch Vincenzo, a doctor who believed in the extraordinary health benefit of extra virgin olive oil, continued the cultivation of the olive trees of Tenuta Angillito, that once belonged to the local Church.

Our olive grove extends for circa 45 hectares with around 8,000 olive trees of Carolea cultivar and is located near the findings of the powerful Greek polis Terina (c. 400 BC) in Lamezia Terme, Calabria.

Inspired by this significant heritage, our family now in its third generation, continues investing in quality and innovation, making Oro Don Vincenzo available to connoisseurs looking for excellent Italian extra virgin olive oil.

The name Oro Don Vincenzo is our tribute to our patriarch Vincenzo, addressed by our local community as “Don”. He was extraordinarily dedicated to the cultivation of his olive trees and the precious gold (“Oro”) extracted from them.

Our younger generation has recently successfully re-branded Oro Don Vincenzo, complementing our consistent focus on quality with a smarter yet traditional identity.

This has ensured appreciation by famous extra virgin olive oil experts and our presence on the most relevant international guides and awards.


Panel tasters of the most famous international extra virgin olive oil guides have applauded Oro Don Vincenzo. We are proud to be featured in:

  • Flos Olei 
  • Slow Food
  • Terred’Olio
  • Gambero Rosso
Slow Food Oro Don Vincenzo
oli d'italia gambero rosso oro don vincenzo gambero rosso

Our hard work is consistently rewarded by the important international awards received by Oro Don Vincenzo:

  • Domina IOOC
  • Terra Olivo 
  • Great Taste Awards 
Domina IOOC Oro Don Vincenzo Medal olive oil
Guides and Awards extra virgin olive oil Oro Don Vincenzo, Terraolivo 2015
Great Taste Awards Bio Organic Oro Don Vincenzo



Find out more about the fascinating people who make up our team



Half Italian half English Scarlett is the soul of Oro Don Vincenzo. Pets lover, she has over 15 dogs.




Scarlett’s daughter, Isabella is a fine art and food lover, easy to see her shopping in Chelsea.




Barbara is a sommelier and olive oil expert. She loves salsa dance and baking cakes.

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Ready to know more? Our mission is to deliver an excellent Italian extra virgin olive oil made with artisanal love to your tables around the world.
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Azienda Agricola Antonio Cristiano

Località Angillito

88046 Lamezia Terme (CZ) Italy


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